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The Roundup for March 27th, 2015

By: Friday March 27, 2015 10:13 am

With this week officially over, we await the next one (and I am one step closer to spring break)

International Politics


- Part one of three with the parents of Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American killed by a bulldozer in Israel in 2003, about the pain they still feel

- A new study found, as a result of Western intervention, at least 1.3 million people overseas died starting from 2001 onward

- The British foreign minister praised Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen as it stopped the rise of an Iranian-backed government. He will also be a part of the P5+1-Iran negotiations this weekend

- After the European Union refused to take Hamas off its terror list, the group denounced it and called for a review

- A new report from the United Nations found Israel killed more Palestinians last year than it did since 1967

Middle East

- Bilal Ahmed, a Ph.D student at the University of London, explains to The Real News the Houthi movement in Yemen and why it sprung up from domestic, not international or religious, politics

- In southern Yemen, specifically a few miles outside of Adal, tribes killed at least 21 Shiite rebels

- Due to an Israeli cluster bomb, at least six children were wounded in Lebanon

- Israel announced it would not withhold any more tax revenue for the Palestinian Authority

- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: I welcome the presence of Russian naval ships as it brings stability to our region

- Meanwhile, Assad called claims of chemical warfare in Syria by the military “malicious propaganda


- Zachariah Mampilly, a professor, joins The Real News to discuss the elections in Nigeria and why they are unique compared to the past few ones

- Meanwhile, the Nigerian military announced it captured the headquarters of Boko Haram

- Militants from Al-Shabaab entered a hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia and killed at least seven people 


- It certainly is a contraction in Norway when extremism can rise in a country full of secure safety nets and a egalitarian structure

- In Greece, the threat of Golden Dawn cannot be under-emphasized as they are a major problem for the country’s citizens

- At least 100,000 demonstrated in Dublin against the Irish government’s tax on water for households

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

Parents of the 43 missing students, and thousands of other Mexicans, marched in Mexico to demand justice for those missing students

Surveillance Planet

- It is likely, after failing to win a case in the United Kingdom, Google will possibly be sued for tracking Safari users

Financial Matters

- Last year, the Brazilian economy only grew at .1 percent, which does not bode well for this year

- Deflation may return to Japan as consumer inflation is the same as it was last year

- Authorities in Brazil will start legal challenges to companies who neglected to pay, in total almost $2 billion in unpaid taxes and fines

- The National Petroleum Council, set up at the request of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, said Arctic drilling is a must for the U.S. as shale will not last

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Is the new $15 per hour minimum wage the apocalypse that the business press is on the rage about? Not quite.

Politics US

Washington USA

- A former Bush administration official publicly said at the George W. Bush Conference the Iraq War was not illegal

- Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) announced he would not seek re-election for his seat next year. Reid suggested Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) to succeed him as leader of the Democrats in the Senate; Oh heavens no

- Some hawks in government are angry outer space is not under their control and want more spending to ensure that

- Ever whistle when at the airport security line? Wear improper attire at the airport? Rub your hands at the airport? According to the Transportation Security Administration, you may be terrorist!

Anytown USA

- Max Blumenthal: “Exposing Anti-Islam Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Latest Deception

- Speaking of Islamophobic darlings some liberals love, the narrative of “sophisticated us versus barbarian them” is so easy for gullible liberals and leftists

- Sooner or later, Philadelphia must confront the issue of racism and police brutality, which persists in the city

We Don’t Need No Education

- Students at Swarthmore College occupied a building on campus dealing with finances in order to press the college to divest from fossil fuels; Solidarity with them

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- An economist warned superbugs in China would lead to the deaths of at least one million Chinese civilians each year

- In a documentary involving Roundup from Monsanto, a lobbyist for the company claimed it was not dangerous for humans and refused to drink it when offered

The Second Sex

- Women in prison face horrific conditions as authorities refuse to provide safe reproductive care for them

Planet Earth

- A new report warned the population growth may exceed water supply, yet new technologies may be invented to prevent shortages

- Speaking of water, the Red Cross warned water is being used as a weapon in the Middle East

- Once again, California is facing a crisis over its water. This time, however, may be even more catastrophic than before

- Gallup: Only 28 percent of Americans say the energy situation is “very serious”

- Countries throughout Latin America are turning to solar energy with massive investments and construction

- A new study found scientists should not take air travel as it is not only hypocritical but adds to carbon emissions

- One major demand the environmental movement must push for is the nationalization of energy companies

- An interview with scientist Philip Fearnside about deforestation in the Amazon and what it takes to stop it

- El Nino is back in the Pacific Ocean, but it will not provide much-needed water to California

Mixed Bag

- Dave Zirin: “A World of Sports Worth Fighting For

- German authorities found a note in the trash of Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who intentionally crashed the Germanwings plane, and it was from a doctor who found him unfit to work

Break Time

- My Boyfriend Is A Communist [Miss Kimberly]

The Roundup for March 26th, 2015

By: Thursday March 26, 2015 6:21 pm

Good day folks! It’s the end of the week!

International Politics


- While Iran denounced Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, other Arab states agreed on a joint military force to fight in Yemen

- Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. said Iran was supporting the Houthis in Yemen

- Turkey, meanwhile, offered to provide “logistical support” as they support the country’s intervention

- There are mixed signals, on the other hand, from the U.S. on this development

- The United Nations released a report where it was found global asylum applications were the highest in the past two decades

Middle East

- A new report by the Palestinian Association for Human Rights found Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon have not seen any improvement in their lives

- Militia groups in Iraq accused the U.S. of hijacking plans to re-take Tikrit from the Islamic State

- The U.N. warned at least 440,000 Syrians are under siege and it may get worse for them

Asia and Oceania

- Prayuth Chan-ocha, the leader of Thailand’s military junta, said he would execute anyone should they refuse to “report the truth.”


- An interview with a Russian soldier who talks about his time while in Ukraine and what he saw there

- The Germanwings aircraft that crashed in the Alps was caused by a co-pilot who intentionally decided to do so

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

Despite the Canadian government seeking to expand its powers when it comes to terrorism, resistance is now brewing to put a stop to potential draconian acts

Surveillance Planet

- Lee Fang: “Deployment of Controversial Urban Sensor System Aided by Aggressive Lobbying

- The watchdog for the intelligence agency in New Zealand announced an investigation after reading The Intercept’s reporting on mass surveillance of the agency

Financial Matters

- Gallup: Fifty-seven percent of U.S. investors say the Federal Reserve will increase the interest rate in the next year

- Attorney Dimitri Lascaris joins The Real News and focuses on a potential crisis in Greece where the government there is running out of funds

- Imported goods are usually found throughout Iraq due to a mixture of factors ranging from a very decentralized government to an infantile food industry

- Microsoft announced it would force any supplier it works with to provide at 15 days of paid leave for each worker per year

- In response to the Germanwings crash, many airlines announced pilots must be in the cockpit together

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Pew: Despite the Great Recession, there still are undocumented immigrants working low-skilled jobs

- Farmworkers in Mexico are still on strike and the mainstream media can’t even be bothered to cover that

- ALEC, your friendly neighborhood wrecker, now sets its sights on “prevailing wages” laws, which force salaries to go up

- Jesus Garcia, the candidate running for mayor in Chicago, announced he would support $15 per hour

- Turns out slave labor is involved in our seafood, which should be noted is tainted as a result

Politics US

Washington USA

- Journalist Glen Ford joins The Real News and discusses recent comments by President Barack Obama on mandatory voting

- In a vote of 228 to 199, the House of Representatives passed a budget including nearly five trillion dollars cut over the next decade. It now goes to the Senate

- Despite the coal industry’s power waning, they still hold valuable allies in Washington defending their interests

- Laurene Powell-Jobs, a billionaire and widow of Steve Jobs, is tied not only to Hillary Clinton, but Jeb Bush

- A Justice Department report highlighted “sex parties” where DoJ employees could found. One thing found was how such parties were funded by drug cartels

- Sen. John McCain (R-AZ): I think the U.S. must do more than Saudi Arabia in Yemen

- A Navy report found military equipment that was missing turned up on sites like Ebay

Anytown USA

- Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont is spear-heading right-wing changes in the state despite being elected by progressives

- Hilarious article about a Chicago worker who took a photo with Mayor Rahm Emanuel despite the worker not liking Emanuel; I don’t think anyone does

- In Atlanta, an unarmed black man, who was also a veteran suffering from mental illness, was killed by a police officer. Witnesses say the officer used excessive force as it was literally shoot first, ask questions later.

- Proposition 47 in California, which was passed last year, provides the right step forward in stopping mass incarceration

- An explosion in the East Village of Manhattan led to two buildings to be damaged along with at least 19 people injured

- As Bowe Bergdahl speaks about his time in Taliban captivity, there needs to be a challenge to the right-wing narrative on Bergdahl

We Don’t Need No Education

- Faculty at Seattle University are taking a page out of the Fight for 15′s book and demanding higher wages 

The Second Sex

- A bill in Arizona, should it be signed by Governor Doug Ducey, would force doctors to admit abortions are reversible

Planet Earth

- Gallup: Now here’s something: College-educated Republicans are more likely than non-college-educated Republicans to say global warming is exaggerated

- In #1545 of our series of what climate change will bring, “super termites” are now a thing due to interbreeding and, yes, it can be disastrous

- What’s #1546, you say? Well, “mega” icebergs are more frequent in Antarctica nowadays, which spells trouble for the ecosystem there.

- Plus, ice shelves there are melting at such a rapid rate that scientists are surprised; And #1547

- Residents in a Louisiana town persuaded officials from the federal government not to burn military waste

- Residents in small countries, like Vanaudu, are requesting climate reparations should an international agreement be made on climate change

- Noam Chomsky: “Magna Carta Messed Up the World, Here’s How to Fix It

Mixed Bag

- Something strange is happening in a town in Kazakhstan where people are falling asleep for days and waking up with memory loss

- Amy Goodman: “The Costs of War, the Price of Peace

Break Time

- Roll Me In [Yui Asaka and Mika Sato]

The Roundup for March 25th, 2015

By: Wednesday March 25, 2015 3:49 pm

Howdy there folks!

International Politics


- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is walking a fine line in Ukraine as he cannot anger either the Russians or the West

Middle East

- It looks like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comment on “droves of Arab voters” may have helped him win

- The Houthis in Yemen are slowly marching to Aden to capture it, where President Abu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi is now at

- The Kurdish prime minister talks to Al-Monitor Shiite militias in Iraq, the role of Iran and more

- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with a delegation from Belgium, including one far-right politician

- Afghan President Ashraf Ghani: We will be able to fund our own security forces in the next 10 years without American support


- A 10-year-old girl was killed by a bomb after she picked it up, unsure about what it was

- A Nigerian official said Boko Haram was now using civilians as human shields when fighting


- Economist Mark Weisbrot joins The Real News and discusses the fall of the center-left in Europe and why parties like Syriza and Podemos are becoming popular

- The daughter of Uzbekistan’s leader took bribes from European telecom companies and gave them access to mobile phones in the country

- The Kiev government removed Ihor Kolomoisky from his position as regional governor after recent issues involving the oligarch

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

Looks like weapons of mass destruction will be the next excuse by U.S. officials when it comes to the “security threat” known as Venezuela

- We all remember how Archbishop Oscar Romero was murdered, but we must also remember those murdered at Romero’s funeral, a testament on El Salvador at the time

Surveillance Planet

- Sam Sacks: “FBI Director Continues Crusade Against Encryption, Calls on Congress To Act

- Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), the head of the House intelligence committee, said it was normal for Israel to spy on international talks since everyone does it; Such arguments can be found in: torture, war, genocide, corruption, etc

- According to documents by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Israel does spy on its allies in spite of what Netanyahu wants to deny

- Sam Knight: “Keep Watching The Skies: Pentagon Official Calls for Better Outer Space Intelligence

Financial Matters

- Lawmakers want to exempt banks with assets of less than $250 billion from Dodd-Frank, but that is not a wise idea. Rather, it is very dumb

- General Dynamics, a weapons manufacturing firm, admitted even “perceived” threats is good for them

- Austerity is having a major consequence in Bulgaria, as well as in other Eastern European countries, as it leads educated youths to leave

- There is no denying the World Bank’s action caused poverty and preventing actual economic policies for the betterment of society. The question is what can activists do to challenge this

- Uber announced it would create response teams as a result of safety issues across the globe

- Schlumberger, the French oil firm, was fined at least $232 million after the U.S. government charged them with violating sanctions against Iran and Sudan

- Heinz and Kraft announced a new deal where they would merger. Yes, there will be layoffs

- President Barack Obama: Free trade agreements, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, will lead to benefits for big and small businesses; Wait, you do know April’s Fools is next week?

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Michelle Chen: “Have a Law-Breaking Boss? Take a Cue From These Workers and Sue

ProPublica reports on the failures of workers’ compensation “reforms” and the consequences of them

- Farm workers in Baja California continue to go on strike for not only better pay, but better benefits and protection in their occupation

Politics US

Washington USA

- Colonel Lawrenece Wilkerson speaks with The Real News about former George W. Bush and what it could take to make him be accountable for his actions

- The military charged Bowe Bergdahl with misbehavior and desertion, which may result in life in prison

- Hillary Clinton must address the latest scandal now focusing on her brother who used the Clinton Foundation to mine for gold in Haiti. More on that here.

- The truth is voting is limited as the options we are given do not really provide any sense of meaningful change. Still, electoral politics is something radicals and revolutionaries should keep their eye on and participate in.

- Lobbyists tied to telecommunications companies will now aim to reduce funding for the Federal Communications Commission as a result of new net neutrality rules

Anytown USA

- A darn good piece on how leftists, especially Marxists, can suddenly drift to the right so much so that they end up like the insane right-wingers we have today

- California’s attorney general pledged to challenge a potential refere dum that would make it legal to executive homosexuals

- Glen Ford: “Philadelphia’s Killer Cops Prove the Necessity of Black Community Control of Police

- Is Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant really bending to the Democrats? Haha, that’s funny. No; Don’t believe short-sighted ultra-leftists

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

The Real News covers a bill potentially de-regulating drug patents, which allegedly would lead to innovation; Wait, innovation is not the same thing as profits

- A new study found children who grow up in homes with at least one parent smoking are likely to develop heart disease

- A new report found pesticides to blame for the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs

The Second Sex

- FratPAC, which represents fraternities and sororities across the U.S., will lobby Congressional lawmakers in order to make it harder for sexual assault investigations to be done

- The only abortion clinic in Mississippi was significantly vandalized because a bunch of people with too much time on their hands decided that was the best thing to do; Despicable cowards

- A patient in Chile was arrested after a doctor suspected she had an abortion, illegal in the country in all circumstances

Planet Earth

- Gallup: Fifty-five percent of Americans say global warming is already happening compared to 33 percent who say it will never happen or won’t happen in their lifetime; Ignorance is certainly bliss

- Gallup: Americans were more worried about environment damage last year than this year

- Luke Sussams, a researcher, joins The Real News to talk about a new report predicting the decline of the U.S. coal industry

- A fracking company sued a small town in Ohio and say it broke a contract where the town’s water would go to the firm

- Scientists warn an alarming slowdown in the circulation throughout the Atlantic Ocean is due to global warming

- Thankfully, as a result of low oil prices, drilling in the Arctic will not be so widespread as it was before

- U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz assured lawmakers the Department of Energy will reopen the underground nuclear waste dump in New Mexico

Mixed Bag

- A new study found humanity is evolving a rate faster than what was expected

Break Time

- Unglued [Jupiter One]

The Roundup for March 24th, 2015

By: Tuesday March 24, 2015 7:04 pm

Phew, that was a long day. Midterms are all set though! International Politics Overall – President Barack Obama: After remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the chances of a two-state solution are “dim“; And this is going from what exactly? A little more dim? Middle East – Saudi Arabia, fearful of what is happening in [...]

The Roundup for March 23rd, 2015

By: Monday March 23, 2015 2:52 pm

Good day folks! International Politics Overall – The Russian ambassador to Lebanon believed it would be wrong for Hezbollah to be condemned for its actions in Syria as it was allied with the Syrian government – An American official criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments as “very troubling” Middle East – Benjamin Netanyahu: I [...]

The Weekend Roundup for March 21-22nd, 2015

By: Sunday March 22, 2015 12:46 pm

Long week ahead of me. Two midterms on Tuesday and one will certainly eat a lot of my time. That explains why I’m not so active in the comment section (although I haven’t been so in the past few weeks). Still I’ll revisit all the recommendations given to me and add them to this week. [...]

The Roundup for March 20th, 2015

By: Friday March 20, 2015 9:58 am

We end our trip at Portugal. So ends our week on songs from the world. Expect it again next month with a new batch! International Politics Overall – The Islamic State now is the talk of the town as governments throughout the world boost their military budget as ISIS watches with glee – U.N. Secretary [...]

The Roundup for March 19th, 2015

By: Thursday March 19, 2015 5:42 pm

May Danny Schechter rest in peace. International Politics Overall – The United Nations Security Council warned conflict can ensure should violence continue on the Lebanon-Israel border – European officials say P5+1-Iranian negotiations are not even close to be completed – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: The U.S. and Israel must work together, in spite of [...]

The Roundup for March 18th, 2015

By: Wednesday March 18, 2015 3:53 pm

We travel back in time to the Soviet Union to hear some jazz! International Politics Overall – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will still hold his position. So don’t expect him to be out of the U.S. picture anytime soon – President Barack Obama, meanwhile, did not call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election [...]

The Roundup for March 17th, 2015

By: Tuesday March 17, 2015 5:29 pm

We now head to Mexico to listen to Los De Abajo, one of my favorite bands of all time. The live version is so darn good though! International Politics Overall – In a conversation with The Real News, Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, stressed how Bashar al-Assad will still be a [...]

The Roundup for March 16th, 2015

By: Monday March 16, 2015 4:05 pm

We travel from Japan to Iceland for the sounds of Sigur Ros! International Politics Overall – All the focus, if you believe the Israeli narrative, should be on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapon program. However, this is a red herring considering Israel’s nuclear weapons and how insane the leadership is – More drones are being traded [...]

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