(Shadegg’s the one with the baby)

This is enormous news.

Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) said he plans to buck right-to-life groups and his own party and vote “present” on a Democratic amendment that would prevent federal funding for abortions as part of health-care overhaul legislation.

Shadegg is doing so in the face of strong support from groups like National Right to Life and Americans United for Life, which say they will count present votes as not supporting its pro-life agenda. He said this was a “bad call” for pro-life organizations and he vowed not to “give a vote away” to right-to-life groups for what he considers a very flawed process. Shadegg contends that Pelosi is using this amendment to wrangle votes for the overall bill.

“(Nancy) Pelosi is speaker and she’s pro abortion every minute of every hour of every day as speaker,” Shadegg said in an interview with POLITICO Saturday evening. “This is a vote to help her move the bill forward.”

He said he expects at least four or five other Republicans to join along. Sources say Republican Reps. Phil Gingrey (Ariz.), Steve King (Iowa), and Scott Garrett (N.J.) are likely to also vote present.

That’s HILARIOUS. The truly radical right, who don’t want to see any health care bill, think that if they can force the Stupak amendment to lose, they can cobble together enough pro-life Democrats to vote against the whole bill. But Stupak has already said that health care is passing with his amendment or not.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) told reporters that regardless of the outcome of the vote on his amendment, which would severely restrict coverage of reproductive health issues, the House health care bill is headed for passage.

So all Shadegg and his cadre are doing is helping pro-choice Democrats responsibly torpedo this attack on women’s rights.

Thanks! Get more to help you!

Ah, Republicans. So used to obstruction that they’ll obstruct their own priorities.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin tweets:

Vote NO on Stupak. Only way to protect the unborn in govt health is to have no govt health.

Hysterical. The Malkinites and Rushbots are ruining the anti-choice movement’s greatest wishes. Michelle Malkin, hero to women’s reproductive rights. Srsly.