All indications are that a deal has been reached, which would be consequential for passing the health care bill.

“Eight or nine” Democrats, including Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), will announce the deal at a 4 p.m. press conference, according to an anti-abortion Democrat.

“We’ve changed [our votes],” said Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio).

Driehaus said he’s seen the executive order and can now vote for the healthcare bill. He said Stupak has signed off, as well.

Just waiting on Stupak to confirm it himself. And the details, of course.

…Dan Pfeiffer just released a statement on the executive order: The President announced that he will release an executive order, providing “additional safeguards” ensuring that the status quo will be enforced. So this is a done deal.

Stupak is at the podium with Dahlkemper, Driehaus, Kaptur, and one other guy (not sure who).

…Here is the actual text of the abortion language.

…Rahall and Mollohan in the deal, per Stupak. “We have an agreement.” There will be no public funding for abortion. “Stood on principle.” (whatever)

…Current Hyde language will apply throughout the health care bill. (I think that’s Chris Carney, an announced yes, behind Stupak…)

…Executive order will be signed after the health care legislation.

…President’s executive order makes it clear that abortions couldn’t be performed at community health centers (that’s never happened in the history of CHCs). Conscience clause will not be co-opted by legislation.

…Marcy Kaptur at the podium. She was already a Yes. So I’m still wondering if there isn’t a hint of drama here, but it’s probably over.

…By the way, Stupak and Kaptur are begging for a primary challenge with this grandstanding, and hijacking of the debate.

…Carney, another announced Yes, is at the podium. Democratic officials say they have 220 votes now, I have no reason to doubt them, but it’s curious that announced Yes votes are talking right now.

…Kathy Dahlkemper at the podium, thanking the President.

…Just a word on this nonsense from Stupak about his votes not being needed, and the executive order being done to release other votes. I don’t know why anyone would take Bart Stupak’s word after six months of this. The man is not to be trusted. If they could get the votes through other means, they surely would have. This is merely a blame-shifting technique for Stupak, to keep him from having to admit that his crusade against women was all that stood in the way of the bill. This is an effort to keep Democrats from abandoning him in his home district.