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Bill Halter wasted no time today slamming Blanche Lincoln for her vote against the reconciliation bill in the Senate, sending over multiple platforms a condemnation attached to a fundraising ask.

Lincoln voted No today on the bill, which included delays to the excise tax, canceling of certain special deals, extending federal support for Medicaid expansion to all states, a Medicare payroll tax on the wealthy, closing the Medicare Part D “donut hole,” and a sweeping transformation of the student loan program, ending wasteful and useless bank subsidies and plowing the savings into Pell grants.

Halter’s letter highlights this vote and every single bad policy Lincoln voted to keep:

Today Senator Lincoln said “NO” to the last part of President Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan.

She’s not willing to provide immediate relief for seniors, doctors, and students. But she is willing to protect backroom Washington deals like the Cornhusker kickback. She objects to the “process.” Well, I’m interested in results, not Washington “process.”

If you believe that our government should help middle class families, not protect special interests, I ask you to fight back and please donate to my campaign today.


Senator Lincoln put the insurance companies, big banks, and other special interests ahead of you. This is shameful and we deserve better.

I am running for the Senate to work for you, not the lobbyists and special interests. We may not be able to outraise them, but we can outnumber them and outwork them.

Halter also took to Twitter moments after the vote to attack Lincoln for voting No.

Halter moved supporters to his Act Blue page, and made a final statement that frames the race:

If this election is going to be about who’s most pleasing to Washington insiders and establishment figures, then it’s not going to be me. It has never been me. I believe this election is about delivering results for Arkansans. Washington is broken, and it’s up to us to fix it. Together.

Daily Kos released a new poll in the Halter-Lincoln primary, showing Halter picking up 3 points on Lincoln in two weeks, showing higher favorables, and running even or better than Lincoln against the expected Republican opponents for the Senate seat.