Initially, the jobs bill – with its close to $200 billion dollar price tag – was scheduled in the House for yesterday. Now they’re saying today at the earliest, and you have to believe this is due to the cost. Blue Dogs are probably balking at the extent of the spending that doesn’t get an offset, if not the end of the tax break for wealthy contributors money managers. Jon Ward says passage is not assured, though he’s talking to Senators. Put it this way, if it gets a vote in the House, it’ll pass; if not, all bets are off.

As Chris Bowers notes, every day this gets pushed back is another day the Senate loses in trying to wrap things up:

Because this is a new spending bill, the House has to act first. Even if the House does pass this bill tomorrow, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would have to file cloture in the Senate tomorrow night in order to vote on the bill on Friday. And even if Reid manages to pull that off, assuming that Republicans will not grant “unanimous consent,” continuing procedural hurdles mean that passing the bill will take the entire weekend.

Reid has said he’d stay all weekend and into next week, if necessary, to finish the bill. The latest unemployment extension expires June 2, so he basically has until then. The war supplemental, which the Senate is likely to pass today, may not go to the House until after the Memorial Day break.

UPDATE: We may be waiting on a CBO score, which will hopefully come today.