The Arkansas Senate runoff has featured a multitude of ads and endorsements in the final week. Joe Biden pledged his personal support in a fundraising email. Labor has attacked Lincoln for her funding from oil company special interests and her votes for Wall Street and insurance companies. But this latest ad, from Arkansas for Change, hits Lincoln on her biggest selling point: her chairmanship of the Senate Agriculture Committee, which the ad claims she has used to funnel money toward agribusiness and away from family farmers.

(side note: I thought that was the entire modus operandi of the Senate Agriculture Committee!)

Indeed, Lincoln has been a supporter of Big Ag for quite a while now, including her own family’s farm.

Polling in this race has shown that none of these ads have had much effect; the favorables have basically remained stagnant. But delving beyond Lincoln’s “chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee” shibboleth and putting some meat on what she does with that title could cut through the clutter. Only five days until the runoff…