Charles Rangel, the longtime Congressman and former Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, has reportedly cut a deal to avoid a trial before Congress on numerous ethical violations. The deal could be revealed at a House Ethics Committee meeting within the next hour.

It’s the culmination of two years of scandal for the 20-term Democratic lawmaker. At issue is whether the former head of the House Ways and Means committee will admit to any serious ethical wrongdoing. Rangel is being charged with misusing his office for fundraising, failure to disclose income, belated payment of taxes and possible help with a tax shelter for a company whose chief executive was a major donor.

According to the report, Rangel will admit “ethical wrongdoing” as part of the deal. There’s no word on whether he will step down from Congress or not seek re-election. Multiple challengers are running against Rangel in the Democratic primary, which isn’t until September 14.

Two House Democrats have called for Rangel to resign, and in general the Democratic caucus has tried to distance themselves from him.

More when it’s revealed.

UPDATE: The House Ethics Committee has begun reading the charges in the case, so this doesn’t look like trial avoidance to me… yet.