Brady Dennis, the Washington Post’s all-things-Elizabeth-Warren beat reporter, notices a change in the Harvard Law professor’s class schedule:

When fall classes began Wednesday at Harvard Law School, Elizabeth Warren was scheduled to be teaching contract law to first-year students. But something happened on the way to the chalkboard.

“I’m writing to let you know that Professor Jerry Frug will be teaching your Contracts class this term instead of Professor Elizabeth Warren,” law school dean Martha Minow wrote to students on Tuesday, according to an e-mail obtained by The Washington Post. “Professor Warren regrets that she will not be able to teach you this fall and we regret the last minute change.”

Last-minute change?

Cue up another round of speculation about whether President Obama is about to tap Warren to head the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

Even more interesting is the fact that Jerry Frug doesn’t appear to specialize in contract law, at least not in the way that Warren does. He’s more of a local government law expert, and while that intersects, it’s not precise. That adds to the last-minute nature of this change.

According to Harvard’s class schedule, Warren is still slated to teach other classes three days a week, something that wouldn’t be possible if she ran the CFPB. But it would be possible if she simply were the nominee of the CFPB, without getting a directorship appointment from either the Treasury Department (which can be done without Senate approval) or the White House (in a recess appointment).

I don’t know that the last-minute pullout means much of anything, actually, but given the dearth of information around this appointment, let’s say it’s more meaningful than anything else.