The very serious liberals spending time on criticizing Markos Moulitsas for his impertinence in writing a book called “American Taliban” don’t seem to have spent any time taking a look at this member of the American Taliban. While the nutjob Koran-burner hadn’t threatened to kill anyone, this other guy sure did:

A Concord man was charged with describing how to make explosives, in an effort to bomb an abortion clinic, after FBI agents found instructions on the man’s Facebook page and caught him in a sting, officials said Thursday.

Justin Carl Moose, 26, is a self-described “extremist, radical” and the “Christian counterpart of Osama bin Laden,” according to an affidavit filed by FBI agents. Agents arrested Moose, who lives in a northwest Concord neighborhood, on Tuesday.

His arrest followed an investigation that began after Planned Parenthood alerted the FBI to a Facebook page registered to Moose, which the group said was advocating extreme violence against abortion providers.

Agents began monitoring the page and Moose’s private messages. They say he collaborated last week with a confidential informant to plan the bombing of an abortion clinic in North Carolina.

So this guy is a terrorist, and I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. I assume that the very serious liberals would add that he’s a fringe extremist, and relating him to the entire Republican Party is a bad analogy. We just had the President get on television today and talk about how terrorists and extremists were a small handful of people who have perverted Islam for their own hateful means. I think the same applies, and I think it’s important to alert people to this prospect in our own country.

Because the threat is more widespread than you think.

…the Army of God and other militant anti-abortion groups have been killing people for decades in this country. Check out the Army of God web site if you want to get a sense of what these people are about. The Olympics bomber, Eric Rudolph, was a follower of the Army of God and here’s what he wrote when he made his settlement with the government:

“I am not an anarchist. I have nothing against goverment for law enforcement in general. It is solely for the reason that this govt has legalized the Murder of children that I have no allegiance to nor do I recognize the legitimacy of this particular government in Washington.

Because I believe that abortion is murder, I also believe that force is justified and in an attempt to stop it.”

Rudolph, you’ll recall, was helped while he was on the run by many people in the small towns where he was hiding out. They wrote songs about him. He’s considered a folk hero, not a terrorist. And he’s not the first.

Digby lists numerous incidents of violence – the last number I’ve seen was 6,000 in the last decade – against abortion clinics and personnel. And the last Administration had an extreme laissez-faire policy with enforcing the FACE Act, designed to prohibit this kind of violence and intimidation at abortion clinics. That’s a form of sanctioning this violence.

You can dismiss this as all “argument by analogy” and that we shouldn’t make these bad-faith comparisons. But for a woman seeking an abortion in most of America, it’s not an analogy. For an abortion provider or a nurse practitioner, it’s very real. For gays and lesbians in small towns, there’s no “difference of degree.” The lack of sensitivity to the very real – and worsening – segment of the population comfortable with radical religious-based ideas and the use of violence including murder to carry them through is pretty shocking.