Chris Christie just put thousands of construction workers out of work for the next several years, in addition to lowering economic productivity permanently, by stopping funding for a rail tunnel project in New Jersey.

Two senior officials say Gov. Chris Christie today will kill the controversial $8.7 billion Hudson River rail tunnel project, which he says the state cannot afford to build.

According to the sources, the governor plans to announce other transportation initiatives that would allow New Jersey to keep the $3 billion in federal money already earmarked for the tunnel project, rather than return it.

The governor has scheduled a 1:30 p.m. press conference.

This is a miserable idea even apart from job creation and the killing of 6,000 jobs. New Jersey simply needs more rail tunnels to keep up with the flow of traffic to New York City. The cost to economic activity is an estimated $660 million dollars. And the money from the feds will probably now go into the bankrupt New Jersey highway trust fund, to build more roads and increase greenhouse gas emissions. That’s if he can secure all the money from the feds, which New York has a claim on as well. The tunnel project, by contrast, is now probably dead for a decade or more.

Remember, though, Republicans are the “party of paychecks!”