It’s a slow news Friday, so might as well post this gleeful news. Paul Ryan will give the “official” response to the State of the Union address, but Michele Bachmann is going rogue and delivering her own response, translated into wingnutese.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has confirmed with us that she will broadcast her response to Barack Obama’s State Of The Union address this Tuesday. You’ll be able to watch her rebut Obama via her address which will be broadcast on our website:

I know I speak for everyone who covers politics when I say thank you to Bachmann and the Tea Party Express for giving us this opportunity. Because could any response be complete without this capper?

More seriously, is this another example of the split in the tea party/establishment ranks? Bachmann was passed over for a leadership position in the House in favor of Jeb Hensarling. We know that more conservative elements are pushing for maximum spending cuts, with the leadership more reticent. As chair of the Budget Committee, Ryan has been assimilated into the leadership Borg, and become a more establishment figure, at least in the context of this fight (which shows you how extreme the Republican caucus has become). Bachmann’s stepping out could merely be yet another attention-grabbing maneuver, priming for either a Senate run in Minnesota or the whole enchilada, the Republican nomination in 2012. But could it also be a result of this tea party/establishment divide?

I don’t know, I just want to hear Michele Bachmann’s response speech.