The Egyptian uprising has not yet ended, and with the military banning labor strikes and workers energized by the spark of revolution not heeding this call and demonstrating for better pay and conditions, we clearly have a long way to go before that country’s affairs are settled. The role of labor in the uprising is unique and fascinating, and deserves more scrutiny. For now, however, let’s spin around the globe.

• Iran: The same leadership which praised the uprising against Hosni Mubarak promised to crush the uprising in their own country, led by a reconstituted Green Movement. However, this did not stop the protests today, and there are scattered reports of large gatherings and clashes with riot police. Formally, the protests are “in support of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt,” but the Basij don’t see them that way. Despite being brought down in 2009, the movement never went away, only retreating underground. Mir Hossein Mousavi, the Presidential candidate who helped lead the movement, joined the protests today. The protesters number in the thousands, but that they’re out on the streets at all is an accomplishment. Turkish president Abdullah Gul happens to be in Tehran today, and his presence may be a moderating force on the police and militia.

• Algeria: New marches have been planned, despite the ban on demonstrations and the violence of last Saturday’s protests. Police outnumbered protesters 15:1 on Saturday, as Algerian officials responded brutally and with overwhelming force to the threat on their power.

• Yemen: Anti-government protesters fought with pro-government protesters in Sanaa over the weekend. President Saleh has already disavowed another term in office, and said his son would not attempt to become President either. He announced talks with the leading opposition group. The police has tried to remain above the fray, though some protesters have been detained. But the pro-government thugs are basically doing their work for them.

• Bahrain: Today’s “Day of Rage” ended with fighting in the streets as well. Police used rubber bullets and tear gas, and casualties have been reported.

The Guardian has the best reports of today’s events.