John McCain, giddy at finding a new war zone to put on his travel schedule, flew into Libya today, praising the rebel forces in Benghazi as heroes and encouraging them to finish the job.

McCain said he was in Benghazi “to get an on the ground assessment of the situation” and planned to meet with the rebel National Transition Council, the de-facto government in the eastern half of the country, and members of the rebel military.

“They are my heroes,” McCain said of the rebels as he walked out of a local hotel in Benghazi. He was traveling in an armored Mercedes jeep and had a security detail. A few Libyans waved American flags as his vehicle drove past.

No word on whether McCain was en route to Tripoli to tell Gadhafi to “stop the bullshit.”

Meanwhile, someone who actually knows something about our military, Admiral Mike Mullen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned that the Libyan civil war was slipping into a stalemate, even though airstrikes have destroyed between 30-40% of Gadhafi’s ground force.

How dare he dampen the morale of the freedom fighters!

There’s video of McCain’s triumphant parade through Benghazi here. Not sure if the soldiers, Blackhawk helicopters and Apache gunships followed him this time. To be clear, the rebels resisting Gadhafi are laudatory, but this charade by America’s greatest lover of putting other people into combat is distasteful.