Now this could get fun.

Cindy Archer said in a sharply worded email message Thursday that “I have done absolutely nothing wrong” in connection with an FBI raid of her Madison home Wednesday.

Archer, a former high-level administrator to Gov. Scott Walker, also repeated her assertion that she answered truthfully that she was not involved in a long-standing John Doe investigation, when asked by a reporter last week.

On Wednesday, about a dozen law enforcement officers, include FBI agents, spent about three hours at Archer’s east side Madison home. At least one box was seen being removed from her house by an FBI official, while others were seen photographing her home and yard.

The Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday that the raid on Archer’s home was part of an expanding John Doe investigation that included allegations that county staffers of Walker’s had done campaign work on county time while he was still Milwaukee County executive and running for governor.

So this all goes back to corruption surrounding Walker’s days as Milwaukee County executive. And this probe has been going on since last year. At that time, reports surfaced that a Walker staffer paid by Milwaukee County was instead sock-puppeting about Walker on blogs during his gubernatorial election. This probe has been widening ever since then. This seems particularly suspicious.

Sources have said the investigation has increasingly focused on the activities of Archer and Tom Nardelli, Walker’s former county chief of staff.

Archer and Nardelli were Walker’s top two lieutenants for the past three years of his eight-year tenure as county executive, including the busy months leading up to the November election. Both eventually followed Walker to Madison from Milwaukee County after the former county executive won the governor’s race in November.

Nardelli quit his state job as administrator for the Division of Environmental and Regulatory Services in July. That was three days after he had accepted the job, a transfer from another state administrative position. Nardelli was Walker’s chief of staff in the county executive’s office.

The investigation has already secured one conviction, against a wealthy campaign contributor to Walker, William Gardner, who exceeded campaign finance limits and hid donations to Walker and others.

The Governor has already lawyered up, retaining Stephen Biskupic, who was the US Attorney during the Bush years who tried to push through bogus and ultimately dismissed voter fraud cases.

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