Elizabeth Warren has had a good launch to her Massachusetts Senate campaign. She generated a lot of energy in the state with her announcement tour and a viral video on class warfare admired by liberals throughout the country.  That was quickly followed by fabulous early polling, showing her slightly ahead of Scott Brown in a head-to-head matchup and crushing the competition in the Democratic primary. Grassroots fundraising appears to be going well, too, with over 25,000 donors on Act Blue.

So of course, being a threat to entrenched power, she will be subject to smears.  Enter Politico.  There was quite an amusing one on Politico’s Morning Money, claiming that OH NOES! SHE’S HITTING UP BANKSTERS FOR MONEY! Except the firm in question is a law firm, and the attorney asking for donations is a bankruptcy lawyer.

Striking out with part II, Politico, clearly the main launderer of these smears, tries this one:

Elizabeth Warren became a hero of the left for her unrelenting pursuit of accountability and transparency with big banks and Wall Street firms that took billions of dollars in federal bailout money in 2008.

But when it comes to how her own bailout watchdog committee spent more than $10 million in taxpayer money, Warren has been a lot less forthcoming.

Warren, who is seeking the Democratic Senate nomination in Massachusetts to take on Republican Scott Brown, has yet to break down exactly how her congressional panel spent the money on travel expenses, meals and consultants, and the panel never revealed how much Warren was paid while she served as chairman.

That highlighted portion is contradicted inside the article, where we read that Warren did report a total of $64,289 in compensation from the Congressional Oversight Panel from 2009 to 2010. Chris Bowers continues:

So Warren did disclose how the panel spent money, but the scandal is that there hasn’t been a line-by-line itemization. Politico also fails to point out that staff salaries on the panel were capped at the level of congressional staff, which means no big salaries will be found in such an itemization. The article does, however, quote an anonymous source attacking her at length on an unverifiable charge [...]

When was the last time there was much much national right-wing venom being spewed at a Democratic candidate for Senate more than a year before she actually stands for election? I’m guessing never.

These attacks… are a direct response to the deep vein of enthusiasm Warren is tapping. Her meteoric rise is freaking out a lot of right-wing and establishment institutions because her message, and her ability to deliver it effectively, make her a real threat to their agenda.

Precisely. And Bob Kuttner writes basically the same thing.

This is only going to get worse, so at least she’s being exposed to it now.