In a sad day for anyone who likes to laugh, Herman Cain suspended his Presidential campaign after multiple allegations of sexual harassment and extra-marital affairs, quoting Pokemon on the way out the door and shifting his prodigious star-power into a website rife with misspellings.

In a long, rambling speech, Cain said that he would suspend the campaign, but that he would not leave the political arena (that’s what he thinks). He said he would launch a website at, which didn’t load at first, then was merely a white screen with a short paragraph and the link to “sign-up,” and finally was a site that railed against the “Politicans”.

This man was the front-runner for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination with just two months left until voting began.

Cain, whose wife appeared on stage in Atlanta with him, concluded his remarks by saying “And I believe these words came from the Pokemon movie,” a line that I certainly hope is destined to go down in American political history. Cain was widely mocked previously for using inspirational words in a Presidential debate from a Donna Summer song that appeared in a Pokemon film. It reminds me of the time JFK quoted Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse when talking about the Bay of Pigs invasion.

It’s hard to even imagine that this suspension has an impact on the GOP race, but it does. Cain supporters are likely to flock to Newt Gingrich and perhaps some other non-Romney candidates, and Romney should be troubled by the fact that a more compact field means that his 20-25% of the electorate may not be enough for victory.

Incidentally, Cain is a grifter to the end. By “suspending” his campaign rather than dropping out of the race, he can still raise money and could still qualify for federal matching funds for his campaign account.

I think the Onion summed it up pretty well: “Rumors Of Extramarital Affair End Campaign Of Presidential Candidate Who Didn’t Know China Has Nuclear Weapons.”

I will miss him.