Scott Walker already had some legal trouble yesterday, when the ACLU sued the state of Wisconsin over a voter ID law they declared unconstitutional. Similar voter ID laws in Indiana have been upheld by this Supreme Court, but the ACLU claims that the law as applied in Wisconsin “imposes a severe and undue burden on the fundamental right to vote.” We’ll see how the court case goes.

But another, far more damaging case will play out for Walker in criminal court. The first suspect in the “John Doe” investigation into Walker’s prior and current political practices has been arrested:

On Tuesday, authorities arrested Andrew P. Jensen Jr., a commercial real estate broker with Boerke Co. and a past president of the Commercial Association of Realtors-Wisconsin [...]

Jensen was a minor contributor to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign, donating $850. Boerke Co. employees gave a total of $12,150.

Insiders told No Quarter that he was arrested after refusing to cooperate with the long-running John Doe investigation by Milwaukee County prosecutors.

The investigation spans Walker’s days as County Executive of Milwaukee and Governor. Under the rules of the investigation, witnesses can be subpoenaed and forced to testify under oath about the case. So this sounds like Jensen refused to testify after a subpoena was granted.

We’ve previously seen investigators search the home of Darlene Wink, Walker’s former constituent services coordinator, and impound the work computer of Tim Russell, a former county housing director. Walker aide Cindy Archer has also seen her home raided.

Chris Lieberthal has some additional information about Jensen:

But what did catch my eye was the fact that Jensen is a real estate broker and past president of the Commercial Association of REALTORS Wisconsin (CARW).

It caught my eye, because Walker seems to like to surround himself with these folks.

One such example is Jim Villa. Villa is a Walker crony going way back.

Villa was Walker’s Chief of Staff when he was in the state legislature. He returned to the Chief of Staff position when Walker was Milwaukee County Executive and was gearing up for his first attempt at running for governor. At that time, Walker was already taking a lot of heat for the miserable way he was handling the county’s affairs and for campaigning on the county dime during his infamous bike rides. Even then, Walker acolytes like Owen Robinson were falling all over themselves making excuses and being apologetic as they defended Walker’s already evident corruption.

Besides being a Walker supporter and Walker aide, Villa is also a real estate broker and has been the president of CARW for the past four years.

Read on at the WSJ for more information about the shady dealings of former Walker’s aide, including his treasurer, who just resigned after 18 years.

The cover story, that this is all about Walker staffers posting anonymous comments on blogs and campaigning on work time, doesn’t wash at all. You don’t see years-long investigations over that, with multiple resignations of key staffers. This is among some kind of cronyism. And Walker ought to worry a lot about these secret investigations.