The John Doe investigation has hung over Scott Walker and his associates for months now. Instead of just worrying whether he will get recalled, Walker has to worry about which of his aides, whether from the Governor’s office or his time as Milwaukee county executive, will get arrested for corruption. Daniel Bice hears about more charges in the coming weeks:

A new round of criminal charges is coming soon against at least a couple of Gov. Scott Walker’s former county staffers for doing extensive campaign activity while on the taxpayers’ dime, sources say.

The charges – which should be filed by District Attorney John Chisholm’s office in the next week or two – will be part of the long-running John Doe investigation of Walker’s aides and associates during his tenure as Milwaukee County executive [...]

The next phase, insiders say, is focusing on the role some of Walker’s closest associates and county employees had in a real estate deal involving a county agency. The point man on the deal, real estate broker Andrew Jensen, was arrested last month for allegedly failing to cooperate with the investigation. Jensen, who was not charged, is set to meet with prosecutors this week.

Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf declined to discuss any phase of the probe – including whether taxpayers footed the bill for campaign labor.

“I officially have no comment whatsoever,” Landgraf said Friday.

There are other tentacles of this investigation out there, including the use of government resources for campaign activities. But this real estate deal seems like the one ready to break open. Capper has a long explanation of all of this at the Wisconsin site Cognitive Dissonance, including a bunch of other possibilities.

All of this will weigh heavily on the recall election. Walker already has problems from failing to produce the jobs he promised, and from his attack on public workers. But the corruption angle can really harm him, and it goes straight to character. Some really powerful ads can get created from this source material. Walker and his buddies used cronyism and plundered state resources at public expense. Ultimately that’s what this comes down to.