The scary enemies to humanity over in North Korea launched their long-range rocket yesterday, and let’s just say it had some… problems.

North Korea’s long-range rocket failed early Friday, U.S. officials said, calling it a blow for the reclusive state’s propaganda efforts.

The rocket broke up about 90 seconds after taking off, an official told NBC News.

Still, for those 90 seconds, North Korea was the most fearsome threat in the world.

Mitt Romney took the opportunity to say that “incompetence” from the Obama Administration led to the failed launch. Look, everybody displays some incompetence every now and again, but are we really going to overlook the fact that the rocket blew up almost immediately? I really don’t think you can call the country who just failed miserably at their signature propaganda effort “a clear and growing threat to the United States” as Romney did.

The only outcome of this will be a loss of prestige from Kim Jong-un, which could lead to some unpredictable outcomes. Maybe it leads to another nuclear test to regain some pride, but there’s a risk of ineptitude on that front. Maybe it leads to internal dissension and turmoil inside the secretive government.

What I’m pretty sure it doesn’t lead to is a regional war.

What concerns me, and should the rest of humanity, about North Korea is that the country spends billions on incompetently made missiles and weapons technology rather than on food for their people, who live their lives in starvation and gloom. The notion that they threaten the world is preposterous, but they certainly threaten the prospects for their own people. I hope this failure doesn’t lead to another round of belligerence and an end to diplomacy, but I’m not holding my breath.