Oh, this would be just too funny if it wasn’t so sickening and outrageous.

First, we have the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) telling us that there’s gonna be a whole helluva lot of hiring going on in 2012. Of course, they said the same thing over and over in 2011, and the state lost 45,000 jobs last year. In fact, thanks directly to Walker, Wisconsin lost more jobs than any other state in the nation last year.

The recent release of the March jobs numbers show that WMC’s and Walker’s claims are of the same sort of hogwash. After two months of woeful gain in jobs, which still left the state in more jobs lost than gained, Walker reached pre-recall stride by chasing out another 4,500 jobs.

And if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the actual press release announcing the jobs numbers, which is where Walker tried to bury that bad news, you’ll find that the reported jobs gained in January was inflated by 7,300. Instead of gaining more than 12,000 jobs as Walker claimed, the state gained only 5,200 jobs, just over the amount of jobs he chased off in March.

Team Walker tried to bury that bid of news by boasting about how the unemployment rate dropped by a whole whopping one tenth of one percentage point, but we already knows what that means…it means that more people have given up on trying to find work in Fitzwalkerstan.

Ironically, Walker was just in Illinois, telling anyone who would listen that Illinois is doing everything wrong:

Walker spoke to Illinois business groups on Tuesday to defend his record. He said that unlike Illinois leaders, he has put Wisconsin on sound financial footing without raising taxes or worsening unemployment.

Walker told reporters the event was a campaign stop meant to show voters that his ouster could mean Illinois-style problems will hit Wisconsin.

But like everything else Walker says, this blew up in his face. Illinois gained 9,100 jobs in March. On top of that, even with their tax hike, they still have the fifth lowest effective tax rate in the nation. Plus, their workers earn an average of 12% more than Wisconsin workers.

Yeah, we should have those problems. More jobs which pay better and a lower tax rate – Oh, the humanity!!

On top of the whole jobs thing, Walker will also have to spend the next six weeks in trying to explain the fact that more than two thousand of the jobs lost are teachers pushed out the door in the past year, as a direct result of his slashing the budget for educating our children.

All of this makes me wonder which one Walker’s starting to fear the most – answering to John Doe or answering to the voters.