I’m not sure these people get it.

From time to time, Jim Messina, campaign manager for the President’s “Obama for America” group, likes to send me nice e-mails letting me know what’s up with the campaign.  The latest missive, following last night’s Wisconsin recall election, informs me that the problem Democrats had last night was that the other side put in a lot of money for their guy and outspent our guy.  This seems important information.

So being the clever fellow he is, Jim says “we” shouldn’t let that happen again.

So what’s the story? How did that happen? Here’s the reality — and it’s not pretty.

It starts with a simple fact: This guy was challenged because he’s been working for big corporations and far-right ideologues while taking away a seat at the table for middle-class families.

But those corporations and ideologues had his back — and were willing to repay the favor by spending nearly EIGHT TIMES as much money as the Democratic candidate.

That swung this election, and it’s what could play out in the presidential race unless we can close the gap — unless you can close the gap.

Jim then asks me for some money to make sure that the next time there’s an important election, his guy isn’t outspent by those other guys.  I guess the President’s people didn’t have anything to spare for Wisconsin when it mattered.  Or maybe they have a different understanding of that “got your back” thing.

Earth to Jim: This is what happens when you act like “got your back” is about you.