This just in:  The electoral commission in Egypt has just declared Muhamed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s new president. CNN is caring the celebrations in Tahrir Square live.

The Commission chairman introduced the decision with an hour long statement explaining the commission’s actions in overseeing the election and monitoring the result.  After going through all the voting irregularities, and how they handled each challenge, the chairman announced that over 25 million Egyptians had voted, with the following results (translated by CNN):

51.73% backed Morsi;

48.27% voted for Ahmad Shafik, his opponent

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mr. Morsi, or just anyone but the prior regime, are holding a massive celebration in Tahrir Square.

Chritiane Amanpour: “For six decades, the Egyptian military has been at loggerheads with the Muslim Brotherhood . . . so it’s hard to get your head around how momentous this is.”