I turned on ABC’s This Week to see if the host could get anything useful out of Governors Jindal of La. and O’Malley of Maryland. I wasn’t expecting much, but it’s usually interesting to see what each party thinks the most helpful spin is.  What we got is a confirmation that America is now saddled with the two worst political parties we’ve had in my lifetime.  Both men were awful, but host Terry Moran was even worse.

I’ve watched a few thousand political shows in my life, but this one was beyond the pale. Host Terry Moran, one of the least serious “reporters” in D.C., is simply not qualified for the job; he staged a food fight, or a mud-slinging festival, as though his job was to the carnival barker introducing clowns.   It was awful, just awful.

If you put two hacks on and all your host does is invite each of them to run on at the mouth for a couple of minutes, followed by another minute of “responses” egged on by terrible follow up questions, you will get nothing more than a run-on rendition of each Party’s talking points.  That means it’s useless, a waste of time.  Why did you bother, ABC?  All we heard was a torrent of unrebutted lies, misrepresentations, political spin and name calling.  Moran’s contribution was to ask absurd follow up questions, which proved only that he doesn’t have a clue.

If you’re going to interview party clowns like these, you don’t do them together.  You isolate them, slow them down, break their spiel into bite size pieces and then pin them to answer at least one or two key questions that illuminated whether there’s anything of substance, or it’s all just empty rhetoric.  Here are some sample framings for questions that should have been asked about the economy but weren’t:

To the Dems’ O’Malley:  we have an Administration that inherited an unmitigated catastrophe, and economy in free fall.  It tried to do some of the right things to stop the free fall, but it pulled its punches across the board and refused to consider more dramatic changes to an economy whose dominant players — mostly Wall Street banksters — are looting the middle class and the poor.  You’ve held no one accountable.  You’ve left the looters in charge.  You’ve coddled the banks and the insurance companies and they’re still looting the country while the middle class is dying.   Your proposal to help the housing market have failed, because they protected banks more than homeowners.  Why haven’t you tried to stop that?  And why should the American people give you another chance?  What would you do different, and why should people believe you will follow through?

To Jindal: Your party created the catastrophe, the worst since the Great Depression; the results are a complete repudiation of your core beliefs.  But now you’re in denial about it and are proposing policies identical to those that created the catastrophe.  Moreover, your candidate is the examplar for the corporate and personal greed that is looting the country and taking jobs from Americans.  Even worse, your Party has done everything it could to obstruct every possible measure that might prevent more layoffs, create jobs or help the jobless deal with their struggles.  You’ve refused to help states and local governments facing devastating budgetcuts, refused to prevent hundreds of thousands of layoffs, refused to help the unemployed, slashed food stamps, refused to help the uninsured, and threatened even to deny coverage to those who have become or could be covered by the ACA.  What’s your excuse for such unChristian (unMuslim), inhumane policies?  And isn’t it true that if a foreign enemy waged war against the American economy as your Party has done, we would declare all out war on that enemy and imprison the lot of you?  Why should Americans allow you anywhere near government?

It would be impossible to sort out what these three bozos actually said.  My best advice to the country:  try to forget anything this stupid ever happened, and don’t show it to the children.

Oh, and the panel.  George Will told us the reason we’re setting hundreds of temperature records and Colorado is on fire is because of . . . “summer.”   Why, he can remember summer as a kid; it was hot back then, too.  That’s it.

Years from now, people will play the videos of George Will’s stupidest comments, and this will be in the top ten, maybe the top five, and there’s lots of competition for those top spots.