Okay, let’s see. half of Colorado is on fire, threatening hundreds of homes, communities, the Air Force Academy. There’s a massive drought going on across much of US; corn fields are dying in several states. Thousands of high temperature records were broken just this month. Unprecedented freak storms ripped through many parts of the US, taking out power systems and causing local blackouts for days. Dozens of people die in the heat. With the blackouts now into their second week, there is a human catastrophe going on in many areas, including West Virginia.

So it was about time that the host on ABC’s This Week asked its astute panel whether this might have some connection to global climate change. Ya think? Here, for all time, is the dumbest answer this year, delivered by the erudite and witty George Will, who couldn’t resist making fun of an unfolding catastrophe. Except he was probably serious.

The explanation: “Summer.” He remembers summer as a kid. It was hot then, too, George told us. So this is just nothing more than summer.

Years from now, people will play the videos of George Will’s stupidest comments, and this will be in the top ten, maybe the top five, and there’s lots of competition for those top spots.

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And it seems airplanes are getting stuck on melting runways, right there at Reagan National. Just summer. Picture here.