I would guess there is no shortage of Massholes in the greater Boston area willing to smile smugly while delivering a tomahawk chop and the kind of war whoops you would hear on Saturday morning cartoons to make a “joke.” My question is why Scott Brown couldn’t find people not on his staff to do it.

On Tuesday, a video surfaced of Brown staffers doing a ‘tomahawk chop’ and making ‘war whoop’ sounds at Warren supporters, an apparent allusion to the dust up over Warren’s heritage. The incident occurred outside of a pub in Boston on Friday.

According to News Center 5 in Boston, the video captures three Brown staffers: “Deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey, Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard, and GOP operative Brad Garrett.”

The larger issue here is how Scott Brown has essentially admitted that he’s losing the Senate race to Elizabeth Warren. Therefore, in an attempt to make up the gap, he has returned to an issue that was heavily litigated over the summer, this business about Warren’s Cherokee heritage (if you can find someone with deep ties to Oklahoma WITHOUT some Native American heritage, good luck to you). And in true Masshole fashion – and the modern Republican party is really just a southern version of the Masshole, with all the smugness and racism and chauvinism intact – they’ve decided to turn it into a fun, racially tinged chant.

This is how Brown will try to win the race. He’ll focus on non-issues like this Cherokee heritage thing and the discredited idea that Warren practiced law in Massachusetts without a license (she didn’t). And we’ll have to see if Massachusetts has changed. Warren obviously starts out with a big advantage on party ID, but as Brown showed in 2010, it isn’t all that easy to elect a woman statewide. Massachusetts has never elected a woman statewide as Senator or Governor, and overall just five women have been elected as statewide constitutional officers (one of them is current Attorney General Martha Coakley). The undercurrent of sexism in Brown’s campaign is a tried and true way to win in Massachusetts politics, and it truly represents something Warren will need to overcome.

But when his staff acts like racist jackasses, it doesn’t help Brown’s cause.