Alan Simpson is upset that somebody besides those with the accumulated wealth of a Pete Peterson gets a voice in our democracy:

SIMPSON: I get so damn sick and tired of listening to the little guy, the vulnerable, the veteran — I am a veteran, and the seniors and this and this and this and the meanwhile this country is headed for second-class status while everybody just babbles into the vapor.

Where is the evidence that Alan Simpson has ever in his life listened to “the little guy?” He’s really sick and tired of the PUBLIC listening to those pleas – in other word, he doesn’t like the public thinking for themselves, with appeals from those who look and talk and think like them. He’d much rather the rest of the country worked the way it works in Washington, where the little guy remains silent while the blob of corporate lobbyists and consultants and associated grifters dominate the conversation. The vulnerable never penetrate the minds of the political class, save for maybe two or three weeks around election season. The rest of the time, they’re just 300 million moochers sucking at the public teat.

Simpson really wants to shut down this thing we call democracy, so the enlightened, self-appointed guardians can go about looting the public treasury in peace. In your best interest.

This, by the way, is why Simpson was supposed to be put out to pasture, in favor of younger model Judd Gregg. But Washington has elevated Simpson and his balcony partner Erskine Bowles to such heights, and elevated their B-S plan (that stands for Bowles-Simpson, what else could it stand for) as well, that he couldn’t extricate himself from the spotlight. And these are the results.