No Deal! House Expected To Adjourn Without Fiscal Cliff Vote

Even if the Senate comes up with a deal tonight the United States of America is still likely to go off the “fiscal cliff”:

President Obama said Monday that Congress is making progress on a short-term “fiscal cliff” deal, but it is increasingly clear as a midnight deadline approaches that Washington will have to fix the impending tax hikes and spending cuts retroactively.

House Republicans advised members Monday afternoon that no votes were expected on a final deal tonight, but cautioned that the situation is “very fluid.”…

Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has said he will bring to the floor whatever passes the Senate, but he has cautioned that his chamber reserves the right to amend — or defeat — the proposal.

This is in no way surprising given how this has played out. But one wonders – can Boehner get this done Tuesday? Wednesday? Ever?

Photo by Tom Jenssen under Creative Commons license.

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