Ed Liddy

AIG ads probably won't be highlighting the $1.2 billion in executive bonuses they paid out with TARP funds

In what borders on performance art, AIG is launching a condescendingpublic relations campaign to thank American taxpayers for letting them extort bailout money from Congress.

From Politico:

American International Group is launching an ad campaign that will air during post-season football games, awards shows and morning news programs and thanks taxpayers for coming to the insurer’s rescue during the financial crisis.

The “Thank You America” campaign will highlight AIG’s recovery and the repayment of the federal government’s bailout, which at its peak in 2009 consisted of a $182.3 billion commitment from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve…

The campaign follows Treasury’s announcement earlier this month that it sold its final shares of AIG. The ads will highlight the calculation that the government made a $22.7 billion profit on the bailout.

Profit? So now the government is the capitalist? Now would be a good time to lecture China on the virtues of free markets.

And what is the message here from AIG?

“I needed money so I stole your car, robbed a liquor store, and now I am giving you your car back and I left a portion of the liquor store loot…”

“Thank you?”

“You’re welcome!”