On the day of Aaron Swartz’s funeral – seriously – the husband of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz, Tom Dolan, decided to go on Twitter and attack public statements made by the Swartz family.

It’s incredible they don’t blame Aaron completely? Stay classy Dolan. And what exactly were they supposed to say about a plea deal that fell through?

Dolan continued to embarrass himself.

Six months in federal prison, no biggie. Perhaps Mr. Dolan can do six months to demonstrate how much of a breeze it is. Much more compelling than Twitter snark.

Yes Mr. Dolan, a plea means a deal to receive less than the indictment. It does not mean the indictment goes away. So when the plea deal collapsed the 35 years remained. You claim to have worked for IBM do you not understand basic logic?

Clearly Mr. Dolan is in need of further instruction.