In the past the Tea Party has been fond of featuring President Obama as Hitler.  But now one prominent Tea Party group has dolled up one of America’s most prominent Republicans  in fascist regalia:

A top tea party group is taking its clash with Karl Rove to a new level, sending out a fundraising email Tuesday featuring a photoshopped image of the GOP operative in an SS uniform.

“Wipe the Smirk Off Karl Rove’s Face,” reads the subject line of the email, from Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots.

The email features a photo illustration in which Rove’s face is grafted onto a photo of a uniformed officer in the Reichsführer-SS, an elite rank during Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. The lower left-hand corner of the photo features the inscriptions “Reichsführer-SS” and “K. Rove,” and appears to match a photo of SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler.

The Nazi charge is the latest attack in a war, that in fairness to the Tea Partiers, Karl Rove started. Rove decided he wanted to be kingmaker in every Republican Primary, a pretty arrogant power grab. But regardless of the provocation, labeling Rove a Nazi has just done more damage to the Tea Party brand which is pretty important when your whole movement relies on re-branding the far right of the Republican Party.