Speaker John Boehner might want to take a word of advice from Speaker John Boehner because according to him there is no immediate crisis. In an interview with ABC News Speaker Boehner admitted that, contrary to much of his and his party’s rhetoric, there actually is not a debt crisis.

Martha Raddatz: Is [President Obama] right, that we do not have an immediate crisis?

Speaker John Boehner: We do not have an immediate debt crisis. But we all know we have one looming…

Raddatz: How long do we have to solve our problems?

Speaker Boehner: Nobody knows where this is; it could be a year, two years, three years, four years. It’s not an immediate problem.

Raddatz: You can agree with the president on that?

Speaker Boehner: Yes.

While the Speaker of the House confirms to reporters that there is not a debt crisis his party pushes austerity and cuts to Social Security and Medicare screaming crisis to justify the damage. Meanwhile there is a jobs crisis and stunning inequality.

Of course as long as we are talking about a debt crisis that does not exist I guess we do not have to deal with our actual problems – problems that the rich have no interest in addressing.