As we head into the weekend lets look back at two prominent cases that had their sentences handed down and what that may mean for the current state of justice in America.

The first case was Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer who was convicted on two charges, conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and fraud in connection with personal information. Auernheimer went onto AT&T’s public, unprotected, website and used a script to obtain email addresses for the company’s iPad 3G users. Auernheimer never intruded into the system which was publicly available for anyone to access and sent the emails to a journalist. Weev was sentenced this week to 3.5 years in prison. AT&T is facing no action regarding their complete lack of vigilance/incompetence in protecting their customers’ information. Which is a CPIN violation. Oh well.

The second case was the Steubenville rape case where at least two local high school football heroes raped an unconscious 16 year old then posted photos of the incident. Had it not been for independent media and others the case would have likely been dropped or swept under the rug. And what was the sentence for the convicted rapists? One year. And while they could be held until they are 21 the odds are likely they will simply do the year and leave. And contrary to reporting by CNN, they will likely not be registered sex offenders “for life.”

So embarrass a powerful company that did not do their job by protecting their customer’s information – 3.5 years. Rape someone – 1 year. In the immortal words of Jubal Early from Fireflydoes that seem right to you?

Photo by D Gordon E. Robertson under Creative Commons license