Adbusters, the group that helped launch the Occupy Wall Street movement, has decided to target Goldman Sachs in its next campaign. The campaign will work like a “live action game” with points being awarded to protesters.

Hey all you rebels, jammers and meme warriors out there,

Let’s play a game.

Goldman Sachs, the most powerful and unrepentant of the financial fraudsters, has three offices in Canada and four in the United Kingdom; eight in China; two separate locations in Madrid and nineteen scattered across the United States.

#GOLDMAN is an indefinite real-time, live-action game to have some fun while shutting down each of these locations. Points will be awarded for speed, spectacle, courage, and innovation.

We take everything we learned from Cairo, Madrid and Zuccotti … combine it with the lessons of Quebec, Pussy Riot and Idle No More … and turn #GOLDMAN into a global moment of truth for justice.

Is there a Goldman Sachs in your town? Send your stories, action photos & videos to And kick #GOLDMAN into facebook, twitter, and tumblr feeds.

for the wild,
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It will be interesting to see if any protests occur in China but Europe and North America will likely see some activity. Goldman Sachs became one of the main focuses of the Occupy Movement as the firm was put on mock trial by Chris Hedges and Cornel West along with other occupiers. Goldman was also the subject of a Senate investigation, which resulted in a payout of $550 million to settle charges over helping cause the financial crisis.

Goldman Sachs, sometimes called Government Sachs because so many executives in government during the financial crisis had previously worked for the bank, has become the symbol for Wall Street greed and criminality.