Peter Brabeck, the Chairman of Nestle Group, has a theory about how the world should work regarding access to water and he would like to share his theory (of not sharing).

Brabeck is not a fan of nature, at least not as it is understood today. Saying man can now provide “balance to nature.” Brabeck disparages the “organic movement” and those opposing genetically modified food saying he prefers the American system which, he claims, has not produced a single case of illness. Brabeck may be omitting or may genuinely not know that no one in the US could document such a case of illness, even if it occurred, because GM food is not labeled in America. Brabeck suggests Europeans should cast aside their organic inclinations and adopt the American system.

Brabeck then goes on to offer his view of water, calling it the “most important raw material” in the world. Brabeck disagrees with unnamed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) about water being a human right instead saying he agrees with those who want water to be assigned a market value and therefore managed by private interests. It’s worth noting that if his plan were adopted his company would have even more opportunities in the water market.

Brabeck even attacks the 35 hour work week as being antiquated because, as he sees it, it was proposed to create more jobs due to a finite amount of labor. This of course is not why the 35 hour work week was created (it was created to give people a break from work) nonetheless Brabeck continues with his theory saying more jobs in the future will require more work and so the 35 hour work week should be done away with.

The cancer of Neoliberalism that has ravaged this planet and its people the last 30 years is rarely so well exposed and articulated. Brabeck isn’t alone. The corporate sector is lusting after the water commons with full force desperate for more, more, more, profits. The planet and the people on it are just raw material, slaves on the plantation, to produce their products and subsidize their parasitic lifestyles. And once the planet is used up? Well, who cares? There will be enough resources left to build a gated community or two for them and their spawn to survive and thrive on.

In other words… Happy Earth Day!