Try to contain your surprise, the police officers who brutalized Occupy Wall Street protesters will not face criminal charges. Apparently it is crime to protest but not to beat up protesters despite any reasonable reading of the law leading one to the opposite conclusion.

The Manhattan District Attorney will not prosecute a pair of high-ranking cops seen on video pepper-spraying and punching Occupy Wall Street protesters more than a year ago, they said Friday.

NYPD Deputy Inspectors Anthony Bologna and Johnny Cardona came under fire after videos of their alleged misconduct surfaced in late 2011.

Bologna was seen firing the crowd-control spray liberally at a seemingly calm group of people near Union Square on Sept. 24, and protester Felix Rivera-Pitre was slugged in the face by Cardona on Oct. 14 during a demonstration in the financial district.

Bologna pepper sprayed fenced in female activists who were in no way threatening him while Cardona hauled off and decked a passing protester who was walking away from him and posed no threat.

So much for the first amendment let alone basic police misconduct laws. But then again, that’s the point right? To terrorize people into not protesting anymore. I think there is a word for that.

Both officers are still facing civil suits from the people they abused.