As was previously reported, President Obama and Congress gutted the insider trading regulations on Congress. Like a thief in the night Congress and the White House did nothing to call attention to themselves as they stealthily removed key provisions of the STOCK Act covering executive and congressional staffers disclosing their finances.

Other than FDL, a few other independent media outlets, and watchdog groups no one seemed to think the story was a big deal or even a story at all.

But now the corporate media is irrelevant as the number one source of news has weighed in, Jon Stewart.

All hail Jon Stewart and those clever Daily Show writers for very adeptly (and hilariously — though not in a very safe for work way) reporting last night how quickly and quietly Congress and President Obama combined forces to gut major transparency provisions of the STOCK Act passed last year. In an election year, they rushed to pass this reform legislation (and garner public kudos for doing so), but now with less of a spotlight on their actions, they rushed to undo the bill.

Will the establishment media now, finally, cover this issue?