The 2016 presidential election campaign apparently began today as the House Oversight Committee continued its seemingly eternal probe into the attack on the US embassy in Bengazhi. And now there is a new twist as Hillary Clinton may be gearing up for a presidential run.

New revelations about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, are pulling Hillary Clinton back into a political firestorm that the presumptive 2016 candidate had so far managed to escape unscathed.

House Republicans have unearthed new evidence suggesting the Obama administration could have done more to help the U.S. diplomats under attack last Sept. 11…

Clinton told Congress in January that she took “responsibility” for the security failures but that she was not personally involved either in denying extra security for the post or in crafting talking points downplaying links to al Qaeda and depicting instead a peaceful protest gone awry.

At this point one wonders what is left to go over with Benghazi. The GOP has continually proved that politics was involved in political decisions. I know it’s shocking. Most Americans assume, and are correct in their assumption, that those in government lie to help themselves especially during election season. So it should be no surprise that the Obama Administration played down the terrorist angle in an attack on 9/11 as Obama was running for re-election, should it? And after the previous hearings the point has been made conclusively. Then again is that what these hearings are really about?

Now, at hearing number fifty something, it has become clear what the real motivation is of these hearings – to embarrass former Secretary of State Clinton as she weighs running for president.

This isn’t the first time Clinton finds herself in House Republicans’ cross hairs over Benghazi. Five committees of jurisdiction — including Issa’s — released a 46-page interim report of their investigations last month that put the blame squarely on her shoulders.

So now that Chairman Darrell Issa’s committee has gone over Benghazi yet again and made its point, can the House Oversight Committee investigate something new? For instance those promised hearings on prosecutorial abuse in the Aaron Swartz case. Maybe if Carmen Ortiz runs for president as a Democrat.