White House Spokesman Jay Carney’s earlier statements regarding White House knowledge of the IRS scandal failed to disclose that the President’s Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, knew about the situation weeks before the IRS report was published adding another name to the list of people who surrounded President Obama that knew about the report while the president did not.

The White House on Monday once again added to the list of people who knew about the IRS investigation into its targeting of conservative groups — saying White House chief of staff Denis McDonough had been informed about a month ago.

Press secretary Jay Carney said again that no one had told President Barack Obama ahead of the first news reports: not his top aide McDonough, nor his chief counsel Kathy Ruemmler, nor anyone from the Treasury Department.

This is the fifth time the story has changed.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney originally acknowledged that the counsel’s office had been told of the investigation during a press briefing last Monday. But Carney didn’t explicitly say Ruemmler had learned that conservative groups were targeted and how they were singled out…

Ruemmler did inform chief of staff Denis McDonough’s office of the investigation, Carney said, and other senior staff were also told of the report. Carney wouldn’t say who those other staffers were, but did say there were communications between White House and Treasury Department staff ahead of the first news reports of the IRS investigation 10 days ago.

So the White House Chief Counsel, the White House Chief of Staff and “other senior staff” decided to let President Obama get blindsided by the report? Was there some plan to keep the president purposely out of the loop? Is this a common practice in the Obama White House?

Lets see if the story changes again.