Former General David Petraeus is done licking his wounds from his sex scandal and is turning his attention to the all American pastime of chiseling himself some cash. Petraeus is joining private equity powerhouse¬†KKR. The former CIA Director will head KKR’s institute focused on public policy.

David Petraeus, the former U.S. Army general who resigned last year as Central Intelligence Agency chief, is rebooting his career with KKR & Co., the giant private-equity firm.

KKR, known for large, debt-fueled corporate takeovers, hopes Mr. Petraeus’s experience and Rolodex will help the firm seek and size up deals, said people familiar with the move. The former general will be chairman of a new internal “institute” focused on macroeconomic forecasts, communications, public policy and advice on investments in emerging markets, they said.

There might some interesting names on that Rolodex. And Petraeus will have some company in helping with KKR’s communication and public policy agenda.

Ken Mehlman, a former Republican National Committee chairman who now serves as KKR’s global head of public affairs, said Mr. Petraeus is “someone who has served in an incredibly effective and in some ways heroic way.”…

Mr. Petraeus is the latest from the Washington political establishment to land a position in high finance later in their careers. Former Vice President Dan Quayle and former Treasury Secretary John Snow work for Cerberus Capital Management LP.

Well Carlyle Group needs some competition vis a vis conservative influence peddlers I guess, though Petraeus’ title and apparent job responsibilities could not be more vague. Within KKR’s disclosed portfolio is TASC, Inc which is a defense contractor, though KKR seems to focus on financial companies, perhaps that is changing. In any case, this may be Petraeus’ next move in rehabilitating and rebuilding his reputation and influence, perhaps prelude to a full comeback.

Photo by DoD under Public Domain.