A consulting firm tied to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been caught paying people to protest the Chicago Teachers Union. The firm, Resolute Consulting, worked on Rahm Emanuel’s 2002 Congressional campaign and is led by long time Emanuel friend Greg Goldner. Goldner along with other interested parties have been involved in smear campaign against the Chicago Teachers Union.

Greg Goldner, who ran Emanuel’s successful 2002 bid for Congress, dedicated the skills of Resolute Consulting to write press releases for pastors, produce a video presentation and help plan events…

The issue of who is generating grass-roots support and whether it’s real or the faux kind political types call AstroTurf took a turn recently when the Chicago Public Schools inspector general started looking at the Rev. Roosevelt Watkins, who is under scrutiny for paying people to attend hearings and speak on behalf of school closings. Watkins said he has received money from Resolute. His organization also holds city school contracts. But Watkins said he didn’t use public funds or the firm’s money to pay the protesters.

Goldner acknowledged giving money to Watkins and other groups, but declined to say to whom or how much.

And since Goldner and other Emanuel lieutenants were astroturfing anyway, why not bring in the big guns?

In a recently released video, Chicago Teachers Union shows the games played by wealthy elites to smear the Union in the midst of heated contract negotiations. Chicago Teachers Union has maintained that it will not bargain in the press over a fair contract, but associates of Mayor Rahm Emanuel have apparently used backroom deals in Springfield, paid protesters and even members of the Michigan Tea Party to distort the public’s image of the Union.

Wait, the former head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is using conservative Tea Party shock troops against a labor union? Yes. Yes he is. Truly, a man of conviction.

Can anyone rein in Rahmbo’s attacks on the middle class?