Mike McConnell

John Michael “Mike” McConnell, the former Director of National Intelligence and now Vice Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton, is making a lot of money off you. Nothing in the information age is more valuable than information and McConnell is working hard to create value for himself.

After leaving public service McConnell leveraged his government connections and knowledge of intelligence programs he managed to join one of Washington’s most successful defense and intelligence contractors, Booz Allen Hamilton.

The chief architect of Booz Allen’s cyberstrategy is Mike McConnell, who once led the N.S.A. and pushed the United States into a new era of big data espionage… he made his biggest mark, forcing a reluctant bureaucracy to invest heavily in cybercapability and overseeing “Olympic Games,” the development of America’s first truly sophisticated cyberweapon, which was used against Iran’s nuclear enrichment program

Mr. McConnell and other executives of the government contractor — which sells itself as the gold standard in protecting classified computer systems and boasts that half its 25,000 employees have Top Secret clearances… a company that until a week ago had one of the best business plans in Washington, with more than half its $5.8 billion in annual revenue coming from the military and the intelligence agencies.

Thanks to McConnell and others like him Booz Allen and other firms are making some serious money running and promoting the Surveillance State by leveraging their expertise with spy programs they built. And for McConnell’s contribution to gaining Booz Allen access to government contracts McConnell has, of course, gotten handsomely rewarded.

Mr. McConnell returned to Booz Allen in 2009. He earned more than $4.1 million his first year back, and $2.3 million last year. He is now vice chairman, and the company describes him as the leader of its “rapidly expanding cyberbusiness.”

In Washington he is often Booz Allen’s public face, because of his ties to the intelligence agencies and his extensive and loyal network of federal intelligence officials who once worked with him.

Nice pay day. I’m sure McConnell’s “loyal network of federal intelligence officials” can’t wait to ditch their public jobs and get a nice pay day in the private sector as well. All they have to do while in their public jobs is build a new massive spying program, then sell their expertise to the highest bidder to help run it in the private sector under a federal contract. The more complex and invasive the system, the more lucrative the contract. Cha-ching!

Bill of Rights be damned, let’s talk about a bill of sale.

Photo by Office of Director of National Intelligence under Public Domain.