If you think America is a corporate free fire zone now, wait until the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passes. The trade deal is essentially the kill shot for what remains of legal democratic accountability in the United States and will allow the rootless global elite and their transnational corporations to dictate the daily lives and laws of the American people.

The giant multinationals are pushing a trade deal that will literally let them bypass our laws. This deal is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and it is coming at us in the next few months. The corporations are trying to switch this gravy-train onto the “Fast Track.” For them this deal is the light at the end of the tunnel of democracy and self-government that has been trying to reign them in. We need to get this runaway train back on the rails or We the People will be begging for scraps thrown from the caboose. Call your Senators and Representative today and let them know that people are paying attention and oppose “Fast Track trade authority.”…

If TPP passes it will override American law. Again: we will not be able to pass laws that reign in the corporations. We will not be able to protect our jobs and wages because, as we have seen, companies can just close a factory and move your job to a country that pays very little, doesn’t protect the environment, and doesn’t let working people do anything about it. Of course the giant companies want these agreements — they let them tell us that if we ask for decent wages or benefits they will fire us and move our job out of the country.

Yes, it has finally gotten to the point where our leaders are going to hand over our sovereignty. It was bad enough when elections turned into auctions, but now Congress is being replaced by corporate boardrooms.  Don’t worry you’ll quickly learn to love this trade deal before it passes thanks to the 1% and their media.

If the multinationals get Fast Track pushed through there will still be a vote in Congress, but it will be rushed. That vote will occur after the corporate machine has cranked up a full-scale, mega-million-dollar PR push. It will become “conventional wisdom” among all of the “Serious People” that free-trade agreement “create jobs.” People worried about the agreement’s effect on jobs and wages, etc. will be marginalized, called luddites and dirty hippies who are “against progress” and are “killing jobs” and all the things working people have been called as other “free trade” agreements have been pushed through.

Well, hello, Iraq War.

And if you still think “free trade” benefits America despite the overwhelming evidence it has destroyed our manufacturing base and reduced our economy to speculating and money lending enriching the few at the expense of the many – well I can’t really help you. Just know that you will not have to think much about politics any longer because you will shortly be powerless. TPP is the perfect follow up to Citizens United – buy the politicians, get the vote, take over.

TPP is Wall Street’s final hostile takeover.