Despite it being overwhelmingly clear that the American people want nothing to do with the civil war in Syria, the Pentagon has proposed entering the war. Under the proposal US involvement will escalate from providing weapons to rebels via the CIA to direct support and training of rebel forces by the US military.

The Pentagon has “put a proposal on the table” for U.S. military forces to train and equip moderate Syrian opposition forces for the first time, two Obama administration officials told CNN.If approved, it would dramatically increase the role of the U.S. military in Syria’s civil war and would for the first time put American troops in direct contact with opposition forces.

And yes this would be while the Obama Administration is demanding the Assad government give up its chemical weapons. Talk about incentives – give up your advanced weapons while we equip and train people dedicated to killing you. Not surprisingly Assad has already said even arming the rebels jeopardizes the chemical weapons deal.

The proposal envisions U.S. troops training certain rebels on small arms, command and control and military tactics, according to one of the officials.Weapons however would not be directly supplied by the United States because legal authority does not exist for the Pentagon to arm the rebels.

In other words, boots on the ground which is something that has been explicitly stated by Secretary Kerry as off the table. Sending military advisors into Vietnam Syria puts America directly into the war. What if an advisor gets killed? Won’t there need to be additional forces to protect the advisors? And, of course, since we have boots on the ground anyway why not let special forces conduct a few missions under the radar?

Let’s not sweep this under the rug, this will be war.