It is a good thing President Obama waved that terrorist provision in the arms export act because he is now likely arming Al Qaeda. In a show of unity among the rebel forces fighting in Syria, a joint statement was made by both the ‘moderate’ and Al-Qaeda allied factions slamming interference by Western powers in the civil war.

More than a dozen key Syrian rebel groups said Wednesday that they reject the authority of the Western-backed opposition coalition, as U.N. inspectors returned to the country to continue their probe into chemical weapons attacks.

In a joint statement, 13 rebel groups including a powerful al-Qaida-linked faction but also more mainstream forces slammed the Turkey-based Syrian National Coalition, saying it no longer represents their interests.

So who is getting those guns from the CIA again?

The signatories called on all military and civilian forces “to unite under a clear Islamic framework based on Shariah law, which should be the sole source of legislation”— an apparent reference to the al-Qaida faction’s aspirations to create an Islamic state in Syria.

Someone hit the fail horn. Not only is the Obama Administration arming rebels who fight with Al-Qaeda, they are now apparently arming rebels who also have the goal of creating a theocracy in Syria that could be a base of operations for attacks against America. Well done.

Unlike the proposed air strikes, arming the rebels is backed by many in Congress. Though it should be clear today, it is a foolish policy that is highly likely to blowback on America.