As parts of the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare went live other parts of the federal government went dark as the first federal government shutdown in 17 years started today. Right before the shutdown began House GOP leaders sought a conference with the Senate. Whether it was a stunt, an indication of unease with their position, or both is unknown. What is known is the Senate Democrats rejected the proposal.

House Republican leaders late Monday night sought a conference committee with Senate Democrats, who responded that they would only accept a funding resolution that leaves ObamaCare untouched…

A conference committee would give a members of both chambers to meet face to face to decide how to move forward on a spending bill. But the House request to meet will be based on the latest GOP bill, which delays the individual health insurance mandate under ObamaCare, language hotly opposed by Senate Democrats.

As the shutdown starts the Senate Democrats seem united in demanding that the House pass a “clean CR” which means passing a continuing resolution to fund the government that does not exclude funding for Obamacare.The House GOP’s Tea Party faction seem united in refusing to do that.

In the meantime as the federal government remains shutdown the Democrats and Republicans get to play the blame game. Now it is a question of who blinks first. Let the games begin.

Photo by JamesAlan1986 under Creative Commons license.