Everyone’s favorite tax dodger, Google inc., is trying to put out multiple fires concerning their seeming total disregard for user privacy. In an effort to snatch even more revenue in search – a category they may already be violating anti-trust laws in – Google introduced “shared endorsements.” Shared endorsements monitors what users do on Google +, the service Google will constantly harass you to use if you have a gmail or youtube account. Google plans to use the information collected, along with a users’ picture, to endorse products, automatically.

Google is facing a backlash over plans to put people’s faces and comments about products and places into adverts. The “shared endorsements” policy change starts on 11 November and covers the comments, “follows” and other actions people do on Google+.

One protest involves people swapping their profile pictures for that of Google boss Eric Schmidt so his image rather than their own appears on ads.

A pox-mark on all your houses!

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has revealed that Google’s collaboration with the NSA to violate American’s privacy is worse than previously thought.

During a single day last year, the NSA’s Special Source Operations branch collected 444,743 e-mail address books from Yahoo, 105,068 from Hotmail, 82,857 from Facebook, 33,697 from Gmail and 22,881 from unspecified other providers, according to an internal NSA PowerPoint presentation. Those figures, described as a typical daily intake in the document, correspond to a rate of more than 250 million a year.

Each day, the presentation said, the NSA collects contacts from an estimated 500,000 buddy lists on live-chat services as well as from the inbox displays of Web-based e-mail accounts.

Whatever happened to “don’t be evil”? Or did Google learn too much working with ALEC? Perhaps Google’s blatant disregard – verging on open hostility – for user privacy is an effort to keep anti-trust regulators at bay for Google’s monopoly on search. Google happily complies with government requests for information on innocent Americans and, in return, is given a pass on improper business practices.

Enjoy the Bahamas deadbeats.