Obamacare is not only the law, it is here. The 16 day government shutdown was rightly considered the last stand against Obamacare as the health insurance exchanges went live on October 1st of this year. After the Republicans caved in and ended the shutdown with Obamacare still intact you might think they would finally accept reality – you would be wrong. Jim DeMint, the president of the Heritage Foundation, has written an op-ed vowing to continue the fight against Obamacare.

Now that the government shutdown has ended and the president has preserved ObamaCare for the time being, it’s worth explaining why my organization, the Heritage Foundation, and other conservatives chose this moment to fight—and why we will continue to fight. The reason is simple: to protect the American people from the harmful effects of this law.

Yes they lost an election over this issue, yes they lost a supreme court case over this issue, and yes they just lost a major showdown over this issue. But, that doesn’t mean they should not self-righteously appoint themselves America’s protectors.

DeMint acknowledges that even his colleagues on the right are telling him and his organization to give it up. He doesn’t care.

Forget the consultants, the pundits and the pollsters; good policy is good politics. If the Republicans had not fought on ObamaCare, the compromise would have been over the budget sequester. Instead, they have retained the sequester and for the past three months ObamaCare and its failings have been front and center in the national debate. Its disastrous launch was spotlighted by our defund struggle, not overshadowed, as some contend. With a revived and engaged electorate, ObamaCare will now be the issue for the next few years.

These are the reasons we fought so hard to get Washington to listen to the American people and take action to stop ObamaCare, and it is why so many are thankful for the courageous leadership of people like Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and conservatives in the House of Representatives. The law is economically unstable, financially irresponsible and harmful to hardworking Americans.

Right. Forget everyone else and the evidence – we know what people need. Sounds like freedom to me.

It seems opposing Obamacare has become more of a religious calling than a policy position for those on the right. The question is where is the constituency for DeMint’s crusade? The shutdown may have turned off Big Business to the Tea Party. Who will fund the increasingly pathetic right wing war against a healthcare law that the Heritage Foundation itself came up with?