JPMorgan’s marketing department had a great idea – lets host a Twitter chat or “Twitter Takeover” to promote our company and rehabilitate our horrible reputation. It didn’t go well.

Using the Twitter hashtag #AskJPM, JPMorgan tried convince people the Wall Street megabank wasn’t so bad afterall. Instead, the hashtag was quickly taken over by some of JPM’s many critics who decided to take the opportunity of having an audience with JPMorgan executives to air grievances and generally mock the bank.

Whammy. That’s not a good outcome for a PR stunt.

JPMorgan learned the hard way that forcing a hashtag on Twitter is near impossible and can often backfire in surprising and hilarious ways.

The Too Big To Fail bank eventually threw in the towel and retreated. Of course that did not stop the lulz as new campaign was created by JPMorgan critics under the hashtag #AnswersForJPM where answers are being offered to the many questions the banksters declined to answer on Twitter.

Feel free to join in.