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Nelson Mandela’s Death and Legacy, Day 3 and 4

- Separating fact from fiction in biopic of Nelson Mandela

- 11 quotes from Nelson Mandela

- South Africa today, the numbers for your viewing pleasure

- “Palestinians mourned Nelson Mandela as their most loyal champion, lighting candles in special prayer services Sunday and holding his picture like a shield in confrontations with Israeli troops.”

- Natasha Lennard: What Nelson Mandela can teach us about violence

- “South Africans have flocked to churches for a national day of prayer to remember Nelson Mandela and pray for the country’s future, following the death of South Africa’s first black president on Thursday.

- “How Shall We Remember Nelson Mandela?

- “Nelson Mandela wasn’t on life support and had many family members and doctors close by in his final hours, a family friend who was at his bedside said Sunday.”

- “Mandela’s jailer praises the anti-apartheid icon

- Over 60 governments have plead to go to Mandela’s funeral

- “The South African government has urged people to attend local rather than national services of commemoration for Nelson Mandela as the sheer scale of the logistics involved in planning the extraordinary week ahead began to bring signs of stress.

International Developments


- The use of hunger strikes is growing — because it works

- “Did Iran Have to Give Up So Much to Get So Little?

- On trans-phobic violence throughout the world

- “Binyamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama sought to heal their rift overIran during a weekend conference in Washington, as United Nations nuclear experts began visits to a heavy-water production plant opened for inspection under the recent peace deal.

- More U.N. states are rejecting the drug war

- “US attempts to halt Paris auction of sacred Native American artifacts

- “Geneva-Iran, Geneva-Syria: Why not a Geneva Conference for Palestine?

Middle East

- “At least nine explosions have torn through predominantly Shia Muslim areas in and around Baghdad, hitting crowded marketplaces and commercial districts and killing at least 39 people, officials said.

- “The Charlatanism of Palestine-Denial

- “Syrian government aircraft on Saturday bombed a rebel-held city in the country’s north-east, killing at least 12 people including five children, according to reports.”

- Regarding the migrant workers in Saudi Arabia

- “Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Sunday his country opposes the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan and the region, saying their presence generates tension, the official IRNA news agency reported.”

- “Syrian troops seize control of strategic highway

- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani states the new deal has been good for their economy

- “Land Theft in the Jordan Valley

- “Top Afghan official tells US defence secretary that agreement to let foreign troops stay beyond 2014 will be concluded soon”

- Dying for nothing in Afghanistan

- “The defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, said on Sunday that he will visitPakistan on Monday, a rare stop for a Pentagon chief in recent years. He also told US troops that a possible budget agreement in Washington this week could ease spending cuts affecting the military.”

- On tour in the Gulf, Hagel tries to reassure allies Iranian deal is good

- Another interview with Jeremy Scahill over “Dirty Wars”

- IAEA visits Iranian plants

Asia and Oceania

- North Korea confirms dismissal of uncle of Kim Jong-un

- “South Korea says it has extended its air defence zone to partially overlap with a similar zone declared by China two weeks ago that has sharply raised regional tensions.

- Opposition Thailand MPs have stated they will resign

- “A day after arriving home to California, the 85-year-old U.S. veteran detained for weeks by North Korea said Sunday that he was well-fed and kept comfortable in a hotel room, not a jail cell.

- In November, Chinese exports grow

- “Outside the headquarters of the Aam Admi (Common Man) party in central Delhi on Sunday night, hawkers sold poppadoms, bored police watched from squad cars and a crowd of excited young people sang songs dating back to the days of India’s independence movement.

- A tale of a man who survived the Hiroshima bombing

- “A rare riot broke out in Singapore on Sunday night, apparently after a Bangladeshi worker in the Little India district was hit and killed by a bus, a local television channel reported.”


- France: We will disarm fighters in Central African Republican by force if necessary

- “France is coming to the rescue again, deploying soldiers in a former African colony to help stave off catastrophe — dirty work that Paris says it doesn’t really want. France has its eyes on a dynamic new Africa that is creating jobs, not conflicts.

- New protests arise in Egypt’s Al-Azhar university for Morsi


- Amnesty bill in Russia won’t be extended to members of Pussy Riot and other political prisoners

- New protests hit Ukraine as situation continues with protesters toppling a statue of Lenin

- Greece predicts end of recession by 2014

- “Turkey’s new restrictions on the sale and advertising of alcohol are beginning to take effect. The government says the measures will reduce the number of problem drinkers – but producers and retailers say the new rules are unworkable and are unfairly punishing a thriving sector

- German president boycotts Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

- Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, states country has turned a corner

- Alexis Tsipras: The left can unite despite austerity wrecking havoc

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

- “Empire of the Comanche

- Another chapter of the Honduran coup

- “Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday he had proof that a massive power outage was caused by saboteurs aiming to throw the country into chaos before municipal elections this weekend.

- “Barbados Faces Debt Crisis as an Offshore Tax Haven

- “Venezuelans have voted in municipal elections that will serve as a test of the popularity of President Nicolás Maduro seven months after he came to power.

Surveillance Planet

- European Parliament will be given evidence by Edward Snowden and video appearance

- More than a year in the Ecuadorian Essembly, on Julian Assange

- “Are British Spies Complicit in US Drone Strikes? Court of Appeals Takes Case

- The Pentagon and drones: The relationship in retrospect

Financial Matters

- World Trade Organization have agreed to a new deal that, apparently, could lead to potentially $1 trillion in trade. Critics call it expanding more for big business

- Study: Austerity policies lead to unrest

- “California business group uses “job killer” list to help Wal-Mart

- Part 2 of Chris Hedges interview on the credibility of the elite

- Study finds most people in poverty have jobs

- “Unemployment IS Down: When Good News Really Isn’t

- Five ways conservative politics promotes freeloading and shirking

- Noam Chomsky: Everything is going well for the rich

- “Winners and Losers of the November Jobs Report

Labor’s a-Brewing

- Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: “The Growing Realization That Our Individual Struggles Are All Connected Makes This ‘Our Moment’

- “Nearly 800 people have been injured in scores of largely unreported fires in garment and textile factories in Bangladesh in the last 12 months, according to new figures compiled by international labour campaigners.

- “A federal bankruptcy court’s decision in Detroit last week putting that city’s constitutionally protected public pension on the table for cuts cracks the door open for pension reductions in New York.

Politics USA

Washington USA

- “A senior Democrat said on Sunday he hoped an emerging deal on the US budget would include an extension of unemployment benefits but added that his party would not necessarily walk away from an agreement that left it out.

- Obama: Congress should extend long-term unemployment benefits before they expire

- “Insurance brokers are finding frustration as they try to help customers navigate the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces while earning the commissions they’ve long built their businesses around.“”

- Obama also defends the Iranian deal as a way to deter Iran from getting the bomb

- Because that’s effective right?! “A week after four people died in a New York commuter train derailment, two federal lawmakers proposed Sunday that trains nationwide be outfitted with cameras pointed at engineers and at the tracks.

- “Forces of Outrage: Best Military in the World, Really?

- “When U.S. regulators adopt the Volcker rule on Tuesday, they will make good on a promise by politicians to rein in banks’ ability to gamble with their own money.

- “Fresh from shackling the traditional blocking ability of the Senate’s minority party, Democrats are ready to muscle through President Barack Obama’s nominees for pivotal judgeships and other top jobs.

Everything Else USA 

- Recommended piece by Anthony Papa on the utterly corrupt drug laws

- Individual, a libertarian,  in Montana has submitted a constitutional amendment to have equal amount of men and women in state legislatures

- Study: Our culture is doomed with less and less funds

- Chicago folk are fighting for an unused $1.7 billion

- “Slavery’s Legacies of Racism and Dehumanization of Labor Still Poison the US

- “From Twitter and Facebook to Amazon and Google, the biggest names of the Internet are blasting a federal judge’s decision allowing an Arizona-based gossip website to be sued for defamation by a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader convicted of having sex with a teenager.

We Don’t Need No Education

- Education and Syria

Top Gun! (Stories)

- A new book on Sandy Hook titled “Newtown”

- “How can the NRA block this? The gun reform everyone should agree on

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

- Michael Pollan: Bad food costing American its economic health

- A Millennial, hardworking and…homeless in the capital of the U.S.

- “80 percent of organic brands are now reportedly owned by mega corporations and what they’re doing with their money is alarming some health-conscious shoppers.

- “Five Reasons Cash, Not Cans, Helps the Hungry

- It seems men need more friends, specifically heterosexual, white, adult men

The Second Sex

- 21 Egyptian women, who were arrested under the charge of demonstrating, were released with “suspended sentences.” More here.

-  ”The best comebacks to sexist comments

- “The United Nations complained Sunday that Afghan authorities have been slow in enforcing a law protecting women against forced marriages, domestic violence and rape.

Planet Earth

Typhoon Haiyan

- One month after, what’s going on?

- U.N. worried that aid hasn’t reached Philippines

Everything Else

- Juan Cole: Pentagon has spent $8 billion to guard Gulf Oil, so why haven’t we invest in green energy?

- Could fake burgers help us out?

- “Unions and environmentalists have found one point of agreement in the bitter debate over the natural gas drilling boom: fixing leaky old pipelines that threaten public health and the environment. It’s a huge national effort that could cost $82 billion.

- “Acid Oceans Harm More Species

- “Hopes rise that whales in Florida stranding may have swum out to sea

- “A thaw of Arctic ice and snow is linked to worsening summer heatwaves and downpours thousands of miles south in Europe, the United States and other areas, underlying the scale of the threat posed by global warming, scientists said on Sunday.

-”A powerful storm system that spread hazardous snow, sleet and freezing rain widely across the midsection of the US rumbled towards the densely populated eastern seaboard on Sunday, promising more of the same.

- “Reducing Sunlight ‘Will Not Cool Earth’

- “Canada is running out of time to offer U.S. President Barack Obama a climate change concession that might clinch the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, as the country’s energy industry continues to resist costly curbs on greenhouse gas emissions.

Mixed Bag

- Dolphins may not be like you think

- NFL to ban purses

- Critiquing Hitchens’ hypothesis that abolishing religion would rid us of evil

- Scientists trying to find the particle that could explain the universe

- Can someone guess a person’s gender by their handwriting?

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