Just when it seemed “bridgegate” could not get weirder it is revealed that the Chris Christie official at the center of the probe, David Wildstein, may not only have caused havoc on the George Washington Bridge to punish a mayor who refused to endorse Christie, he was also buying web domain names of Governor Christie’s political opponents.

The Record of Woodland Park reported that David Wildstein, the Port Authority’s second-most powerful appointee from New Jersey who announced his resignation earlier this month, bought domains that use the names of Pat Foye, the authority’s top executive; Barbara Buono, a Democratic state senator who lost to Gov. Chris Christie in this year’s gubernatorial race; and her running mate, labor leader Milly Silva.

Governor Christie has, so far, been able to claim total ignorance as to what caused the epic traffic jam on one of the country’s most used bridges but with these new revelations the act is wearing thin.

If Wildstein was such an independent actor why is he buying domain names of Christie’s political opponents? Christie and Wildstein have known each other since high school with Wildstein becoming one of Christie’s most trusted advisors.

It’s not clear why David Wildstein made the purchases. He declined the newspaper’s request for comment, and a top political strategist for Christie said neither he nor the governor were aware of Wildstein’s activities. “This was done independently of the campaign and without any authorization,” Mike DuHaime said. “The governor had no knowledge either.”

Internet records show Wildstein has purchased at least 48 domains and has renewed some of them annually.

The purpose may have been to reserve the domains in order to prevent use by others. To make it harder to find information about Christie opponents online or, if the polls had tightened, to create opposition sites or redirect to such.

As the investigation continues in the New Jersey Assembly Transportation Committee it seems increasingly likely that Wildstein will be called to testify under oath, especially after these recent revelations.